• Bonnie Choo is the eponymous fashion brand by founder and creative director Bonnie Choo. A graduate specialized in Nouvelle-Couture Traditionelle from ESMOD in Paris, Bonnie gained years of fashion experience under luxury fashion brands and Haute-Couture house in Paris.

    After moving back to South Korea, Bonnie Choo established her own fashion brand that dares to experiment and reinterpret. Bonnie Choo was founded based on the strong belief that all sources of the world can become an inspiration of collection. Our previous collections concepts prove that Bonnie Choo has been working on creating a new collection from diverse inspirations such as the idea of “different 6:00 am to the people” - the different moments of women at 6:00am, when they start their days or end their days (2018 FW), and the image of French garden from the air(2019 SS).
  • Recently, Bonnie Choo presented 2019 FW Collection which was inspired by Rene Magritte’s surrealism technique so called “depaysement” - meaning dis-placement and dis-orientation of two heterogeneous objects. Throughout this idea, Bonnie Choo has applied this concept into fashion by creating a new composition of clothing from diverse perspectives. For instance, one’s top-half side is shirt and the other half side is knitwear. Or, Bonnie Choo used “paper-fabric” which made us believe the dress is made of a rock.

    To conclude, Bonnie Choo is dedicated to provide the people a well-made and unique collection. And by seeking boldly an unique collection for each season, we ultimately believe that people will not only love wearing Bonnie Choo, but also will enjoy finding out the correlation between the concepts of collection and the elements within the clothes- like people appreciate the paintings at the museum.

    We hope you enjoy them!